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Nov 8, 2012 4:30am PST
cases including 31 deaths. >>> the election is over but the fight to avoid a "fiscal cliff" has now begun. if democrats and republicans in the lame duck congress don't reach a budget deal by year's end, bush-era tax cuts will expire and deep across the board spending cuts will kick in. some economists warn that could return the nation to recession. for now, party leaders on capitol hill seem willing to compromise. >> we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. what matters is where the revenue increase comes from and what type of reform comes with it. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. >> on election night president obama was on the phone with the four top leaders of the house and the senate. >>> and traders are worried about possible tax increases and spending cuts if there's no congressional action concerning the impending "fiscal cliff." and the fiscal crisis in europe is dragging the market down. yesterday, the dow had its worst day of the year, blue chips falling 312. wall street opening flat today. >>> some californians wil
Nov 14, 2012 4:30am PST
before i shared that information with you. 72-year-old democrat easily won re-election in her liberal san francisco district, but her party failed to score enough how the seats to gain majority so there is speculation she may step down her leadership post. the capitol hill news conference set for 7:00 pacific time this morning. >>> after that conference, president obama will hold one to discuss the looming deadline for democratic and republican leaders to reach a budget deal that addresses the nation's debt. the president talked about it with labor leaders yesterday. today he will get together with business leaders including some big-wigs from general electric, walmart and ford. >>> three people are dead after the fiery crash of a single- engine plane in mississippi. the piper pa-32 had just taken off from jackson when it crashed into a home yesterday. there was a person on the ground in that burning home who was lucky, escaped with minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still unclear. >>> in indianapolis, investigators now believe natural gas was involved in a neighborhood explosi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2